TUTORIAL ROOT, INSTALL CWM ADVANCE T1E Build Number p7002/v12/ics 4.0.4 ONLY



  1. Make sure your phone is in USB Debugging is checked state (settings / development / here)
  2. Source Unknown tick (setting security / Unknown Source)
  3. Make sure the driver is installed correctly in leptop / PC
  4. Extract results donwload Binary file Root Tool then click RunMe.bat
  5. A command prompt will open and you select number 1. Normal, wait until you appear in hp T1E notification, then select restore my data is, then a few moments later your phone will reboot
  6. After reboot check if superuser app is already available? If he immediately tests with applications that require root privileges. If the application runs, you’ve survived phone Root well.



  1. Download all the above ingredients, make sure leptop / pc has its drivers installed correctly
  2. Then extract Mod Recovery.zip, (boot.img, recovery.img and open the file created Scatter)
  3. Open SP Flash Tool.exe
  4. Then enter the file Scatter file created on the left kollom scatter loading.
  5. Then check BOOTIMG, then click and enter the boot.img file that you have downloaded earlier.
  6. Then check back RECOVERY section and click then enter the recovery file that you have downloaded earlier
  7. And connect it to the leptop / pc hp are turned off, waiting indication in SP Flash TOOL detect your phone
  8. Then press the Download / F9 in SP Flash Tool, wait until the process is complete.
  9. If all processes are finished, enter cwm do the test in the off state by press the power button + volume up. If successful it will look like this

How Nandroid Backup via CWM?

  1. Enter cwm (phone off using the power button + volume combining up)
  2. Use the navigation on the bottom with volume up + down keys, the enter key to power
  3. Select backup & restore
  4. Then select the backup to internal sdcard, wait until all processes are running without any error
  5. And select reboot system now

if all goes well the process, then there will be a new folder on your sdcard named “ClockworkMod” then in that folder there is a data folder backup your rom. example the folder name 2013-08-


SUMBER: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=44354949#post44354949

Credit: OP deathmouse2 atau Cahaya Mata


Apabila ada yg kurang dimengerti dan ingin ditanyakan bisa bertanya langsung kepada OP deathmouse2 atau cahaya mata di DISINI


Beri 5bintang jika tulisan ini berguna untuk anda.


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